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Hi, I’m Tamela, the founder of Simply Purity Soaps L.L.C.. For many years, I have been dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods and using only chemical-free products on my skin and hair. Throughout my journey towards healthy living, I have encountered challenges in finding products that are genuinely free from harmful chemicals. If you can relate to this struggle, you've come to the right place. Simply Purity Soaps was created for individuals like us who prioritize using safe and natural products. I invite you to experience the benefits of my products and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Embrace the beauty of purity with Simply Purity Soaps.

Allow me to share a bit about myself. I am happily married to Rob my wonderful husband and friend, we are blessed with 4 children and six grandchildren. I was born and raised in South Georgia, holding dear the fond memories of my childhood there. I have also had the opportunity to experience living in different places such as Guam and Hawaii for a few years. Currently, I call middle Georgia home, where I appreciate the relaxed pace and charm of the area. I come from a family of three brothers and a loving mother who I hold dear. While my father has passed away, his memory and teachings continue to shape my life. I am committed to living a healthy lifestyle and creating products that can help others on their own wellness journey. My business brings me great joy and fulfillment, and I am thankful for the path that life has taken me down.


Prioritizing physical activity is essential for maintaining optimal health, as it enhances overall physical fitness and complements healthy eating habits. Regular exercise not only increases energy levels and improves sleep quality, but also reduces the chances of developing chronic illnesses. When paired with a nutritious diet and the use of chemical-free skincare products, exercise becomes a powerful tool in enhancing overall health and well-being. By integrating these practices into daily routines, they work together synergistically to support a healthy lifestyle. Focusing on physical activity, balanced nutrition, and natural skincare can result in long-term health advantages and a higher level of satisfaction with life.

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