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Simply Purity Soaps is situated in Warner Robins, Georgia, where our focus revolves around natural and unrefined ingredients. Our diverse product line includes body soaps, bath bombs, shower steamers, candles, beard oil, body butter, essential oil blends, lip balm, raw sugar scrubs, and infused oils. The candles we offer are two-ingredient candles crafted from beeswax obtained from a local beekeeper and unrefined coconut oil. We maintain a strict policy of avoiding Micas, Ultramarines, titanium dioxide, sulfates, or synthetic oils in any of our creations. Our delightful fragrances are derived from a harmonious blend of pure essential oils, and for our captivating colors we use clays, and natural powders like blueberry and indigo. With Simply Purity Soaps, you can indulge in our products with a peaceful mind, knowing they are crafted with care and thoughtfulness.


At Simply Purity Soaps L.L.C., we believe in and use the traditional method of soap-making known as the Cold Process Method. This technique, reminiscent of the one our grandmothers used, is also favored by the Amish community for its pure and natural results. To create our soaps, we meticulously combine oils, butters, essential oils, and other ingredients to form a unique recipe. By carefully mixing distilled water and sodium hydroxide (lye), melting hard oils and butters, and then blending them with liquid oils, we achieve a state known as trace. The soap mixture is then poured into molds and left to cure for a few weeks. This method permits us to have complete control over the ingredients that go into our soaps, ensuring the highest quality and purity in every batch. Our commitment to using unrefined oils, natural colorants and pure essential oils ensures that every product by Simply Purity Soaps L.L.C. is safe, natural, and chemical-free.

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